Festive flavour Ruby, Milk, White & Dark mixed pack



~ Flavour Artisan Chocolates Hand tempered on the Isle of Harris ~

3x 47% Belgian Ruby chocolate filled with Raspberry

3x 70% Colombian dark chocolate filled with Beetroot & Mint

3x 40% Milk chocolate filled with Orange & Cardamom

3x 35% White Chocolate filled with Passionfruit & chilli

Ingredients: Ruby chocolate & Raspberry: Sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed MILKpowder, whole MILKpowder, cocoa mass, emulsifier SOYlecithin, citric acid, natural flavouring Cocoa Horizions Foundation, raspberry 70%Dark Chocolate & betroot: Cacoa mass,sugar, fat reduced coco powder, emulsifier, SOYA lechithin, natural vanilla flavouring,beetroot & mint Milk Chocolate: Sugar, cocao butter, whole MILKpowder, Cacoa mass, emulsifier, SOYAlecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, cacoa, orange, cardamom White Chocolate, Passionfruit & Chilli: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole MILK powder, emulsifier, SOYAlecithin, natural flavouring, cacao, passionfruit, chilli